Local Cannabis Company launches ‘high quality buzz’ Plaza dispensary

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Photo by Tyler Schneider

A new medical marijuana dispensary has set up shop in a rather convenient location across the street from Plaza Liquor, and it only took four years for owner Lee Hoffman to make this dream a reality.

Hoffman now operates the only such facility in the immediate Plaza area. Located at 1004 W 45th St., Missouri’s first Local Cannabis Company (yes, that is its actual name), stems from a California-based partner group that also has locations in Massachusetts and Ohio.

After launching with a soft opening in early November, Hoffman and his small team of less than a dozen employees expects to get between 50-60 med-card holding customers per day once the operation gets up to full speed.

“We have high expectations,” Crystal Ortiz, assistant manager at Local Cannabis, says.

The first several weeks of business have mainly consisted of making sure employees are trained for their respective job descriptions, receiving and organizing product shipments, and planning the marketing and partnerships that will help get the word out.

“We’ve got live sugars, live resins, our local brands, vapes, gummies, chocolates, drinks,” Hoffman says, motioning to the shelves. They also have a robust selection of concentrates like dabs, which, theoretically, promote a high-quality buzz for the user.

Hoffman says a new cultivation center under construction in Smithville, Missouri will be ready to start growing around May 2022, just ahead of an election where recreational use will likely be on the ballot. Once they start producing their own strains, they will sell them at a cheaper rate from their own storefront.

Hoffman is very nearly ready to be past all of the federal and local regulations and procedures.

“There was a lot of red tape, but the state does work with you. It’s just new for everyone, and they’re still learning too,” Hoffman says. “In some ways, though, Missouri did it the right way—they didn’t get too specific with what ailments you need to get a medical card.”

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The Local Cannabis Company staff poses at the new dispensary in the Plaza. // Photo by Tyler Schneider

Correction: a previous version of this story said that products were “shipped from California.” This was incorrect and the author apologizes for the error. Products are locally grown and follow all Missouri legal policies. 

We will update this post when the Local Cannabis Company announces its official grand opening date sometime this month. To stay updated, follow the Missouri Local Cannabis Company’s Instagram.

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