Ed Kowalczyk began “Selling the Drama” as a long-haired art wuss. Then he shaved his locks down to one freakish kung fu braid and issued the threatening proclamation I alone love you/Fear is not the end of this. Now, the lead singer of Live looks as though he wants to be a G.I. Joe character (his code name: Sparhawk, the Eco-Ranger). Judging by Live’s new single, “The River,” with its girly chorus (Ooh, baby, let my lovin’ ease yo’ pain), his band ought to change its name from Live to Cher. But with a back catalog that includes ’90s classics “All Over You,” “Lightning Crashes” and the weirdest-named radio hit ever, “Lakini’s Juice,” Live, live at the Uptown, could well be a show worth throwing down some copper for.

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