Little Freshie named to Yahoo’s ‘5 Cities for Ultimate Snow Cones’

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  • The watermelon basil is a classic flavor at Little Freshie.

The State, an erstwhile comedy group that peaked on MTV, had a classic sketch about the finest way to spend $240. And while I’m not ready for that amount of pudding, I can tell you that when summer in Kansas City arrives, I’m willing to spend that much on snow cones.

Yahoo Travel! named Little Freshie (811 West 17th Street) and Kansas City (alongside Baltimore, all of Hawaii, Providence and New Orleans) to its list of the ‘5 Cities for Ultimate Snow Cones.’ The West Side shop that grew out of a Shasta trailer has mango-ginger, strawberry-rhubarb and from-scratch root beer among its flavors this week. Little Freshie is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday (and keeps the ice machine going until 9 p.m. Saturday during the summer).

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