Lincoln Conspiracy

What exactly is the Lincoln Conspiracy? Is it the theory that the CIA and the Cuban government worked together to assassinate our 16th president? Or maybe it’s the secret plot of an east-central Nebraska town not to suck quite so much. But more than likely — at least if you’re a three-piece from Boston — it’s a strong desire to take the irreverence of Ben Folds, blend in the unflappable liveliness of Beck, and crank out an experience that’s chock-full of unapologetic piano pop. With two EPs and a full-length under its belt and another LP on the way, Lincoln Conspiracy still struggles to reach the same sizable, nationwide college crowd as contemporaries. But back in Beantown, where local rock is as cherished as that clam chowder they’re always braggin’ about, the band is quickly becoming one of the city’s biggest inside secrets, having snatched rave reviews from the Globe and the Herald.

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