Lilith Fair’s Lineup

Lilith Fair is making a stop at Sandstone in Bonner Springs on July 15, and the lineup is finally here. Looks like we missed Ke$ha (who knew that Lilith fans were down to brush their teeth with a bottle of Jack?), but Kansas City scored some other A-list stars that are sure to coax the ladies — and their begrudging men-folk — out of the woodwork. 

​Of course, headliner Sarah McLaughlin will be crooning; here’s the rest of the talent that’s joining her:

Erin McCarley


Ingrid Michaelson

Kelly Clarkson



Jennifer Knapp

Emmylou Harris

Julia Othmer

There’s still some local talent to sort out, too: the OurStage artists, yet to be determined. (If you can figure out how the hell to log in and vote, tell us. Poor Kansas City seems to be missing a star on this map.) 

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