Life lessons from Kissinger, George W., and Randy Jackson: Studies in Crap and Fox News are Going Places

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Going Places: How America’s Best and Brightest Got Started Down the Road of Life

Author: E.D. Hill, former host of Fox News’ “I Have Nothing Else To Live For So I May As Well Watch This” Morning Show

Publisher: The Regan imprint of HarperCollins, the same people who brought you O.J. Simspon’s If I Did It

Date: 2005

Discovered at: 2nd Chance Thrift, 63rd & Troost

The Cover Promises: Thin, airbrushed blonde, tanned liked a baked potato, showing plenty of chest in a cherry convertible? Is this the Playboy Channel?

Representative Quote:I was six months pregnant with my fifth child when I first met Donald Rumsfeld. Maybe it was my hormones talking, but I’ll confess I was shocked at my reaction. Yes, he’s interesting, witty, wry, and confident, but he’s also so incredibly handsome. Those blue eyes make your knees weak!”

Here’s a surprise! Turns out that E.D. Hill, the former Fox & Friends host who left the network last year after suggesting that the Obamas bump fists like terrorists, was News Corp’s answer to Studs Terkel. Instead of collecting the true, on-the-ground stories of American lives, Hill transcribes inspirational homilies about how the system rewards hard-working dreamers.

One of those hard-working dreamers is Steve Forbes. His secret?

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