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Shut Yer Foxhole: July 30

Lots to Cartoon About

As a fan of Travis Fox’s earlier work in The Kansas City Star, I am glad to be following him again in The Pitch. However, his July 30 strip continues the pattern of most local media to blame the mayor’s wife for the $550,000 settlement of the lawsuit brought by a disgruntled former employee (is there any other kind?).

In all fairness, she and her spouse are only responsible for $135,000 of the total because the plaintiff offered to settle, but a stubborn (and stupid) City Council refused the offer, then panicked and agreed to an amount more than four times greater (smart dickering, KC). If my law-school memory serves me at all, it is really not at all certain that the plaintiff would have prevailed because the mayor’s wife seems to have been evenhanded in her rudeness. Be sure, in the future, to put some blame on the pettiness of the council, several of whose members have political axes to grind.

By the way, The Pitch really should give Fox a bigger space so the art and wording are easier to read, particularly for us older readers who still appreciate good social and political satire but can’t read without the bifocals anymore.

Michael Foubert

Studies in Crap: “Harvesting the past,” August 6

Continuing Studies in Crap

Regarding the Studies in Crap article “Harvesting the Past”: Alan Scherstuhl suggests that the 1926 State Agricultural Board’s desirable traits for Kansas School Board members would disqualify today’s board and “the previous president.” The same could be used to disqualify the current president.

“Is fair minded” certainly doesn’t apply to the current president, as evidenced by his ramrod attempt at health-care socialization. He has stifled debate, even setting up an illegal “snitch” e-mail for people to report “fishy” health “reform” information. Collecting information on citizens exercising free-speech rights is a violation of the Privacy Act of 1974.

One of the negative traits mentioned in the article, “is controlled by a group or faction in his community.” Obama is controlled by the unions and Pelosi factions that would penalize success and reward failure (i.e., the bailouts).

The Democrats have had full control of everything since January, and nothing is getting fixed — just increasingly more broken.

Studies in Crap ought to do an analysis of the health-care bill — provided they can actually read through all 1,000-plus pages.

Brian Dear
Seoul, Republic of Korea

Feature: “School’s Out,” June 4

History Repeats

As a local historian, I read with great interest Scott Wilson’s article concerning the Howard School building in Warrensburg. I have been involved with the Blind Boone Park Renovation Group since its inception and had hoped that we could, as a group, also help with the preservation of the Howard School. I have done extensive research into the life of John W. “Blind” Boone and have done some research into the lives of each of the members of his Concert Company. One of these, Melissa Fuell, who also authored the 1915 book about Boone and John Lange Jr., was born in Warrensburg and most likely attended Howard.

I have spent nearly my entire working life in construction, having roofed and/or built many buildings in the Warrensburg area, including (as an employee of Briscoe & Son Construction) the Jesus Saves Pentecostal Church. However, because I am not of African ancestry, my skills and willingness to volunteer are not exactly welcome at Howard School. One of the longtime volunteers at the park, Charles Briscoe, a graduate of Howard, had this to say when we were interviewed by the Missouri Division of Tourism: “What used to separate us now brings us together.” Too bad that sentiment doesn’t prevail at the Howard School Preservation Association.

James M. (Mike) Shaw
Centerview, Missouri

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