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Killa City on Plog at Pitch.com

Body Count

Thanks to you all at The Pitch for keeping a running tally of the number of homicides in the city. As we both know, the TV stations and The Star do not do that — they appear to capitulate to pressure from the “unholy alliance” of the city’s convention industry and the Concerned Clergy Coalition, both of which have a strong vested interest in keeping it as hidden as possible. So keep up the good work. Maybe someday the city will finally be willing to do something about the crime explosion. We can all dream, can’t we?

Ernest Evans

Café: “Independent’s Day,” August 13, and “Dressed to Impress,” August 6

Picky Reader 1

It has been many weeks with the same old restaurant reviews in The Pitch, about everything but the food. Most of the reviews are about anything but the food.

Charles Ferruzza brings a bunch of friends, and they decide what to order, taste, how they like things or don’t. Who cares! Doesn’t Ferruzza have a mind of his own?

There is always an inordinate amount of space that talks about some inane issue and has nothing to do with the restaurant.

Ferruzza’s insights on the food don’t give me any more reason to want to go to this restaurant and why.

He rarely talks about the nuances of the food, the spices, particular dishes, etc.

Ferruzza’s August 13 review of Oak 63 was better. He starts out by himself, but part of the ridiculous review talks about a person falling down the stairs. Give me a break. He does talk about the brunch and some about the meals (not enough), but I still wanted more — why I should go there and what kind of food or entrées were offered.

I know, I know, if you don’t like reading his stuff, don’t. That is not the point. I like reading food reviews. I am just so tired of reading ones that make me shudder and think, Why do I waste my time? I keep thinking he will change his tune a bit. Apparently, a lot of people like to read his dribble. I do most of the time, but it is really wearing thin. Cindy Hoedel at The Star is so, so much better. Her reviews are a breath of fresh air. The Pitch reviews are overblown, tired and do not get to the heart of the matter, which should be food.

Eric Flescher

Picky Reader 2

I just had to write to tell you how delighted I am to see that someone — that would be Charles Ferruzza — finally knows the correct use of the word comprise! (“Debbie’s Moroccan chicken comprised lightly curried chicken breasts served on a puddle of devilishly sweet chili sauce, sided with fresh green beans sautéed with garlic and a fine couscous dotted with chopped fresh vegetables,” from the August 6 review of Flo’s Cabaret.) I realize this is a minor point in the overall scheme of things, but I can’t help it — I’m a journalism person from Mizzou, and I’m old.

Thank you! I must also tell you that I love Ferruzza’s columns in The Pitch, and I always look forward to the food critics on Walt Bodine’s show. Keep up the great — and fun — work.

Vicki Brown

Correction: Ivy Lynch-Shaw’s name was misspelled in the photo caption for David Martin’s August 13 column.

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