Letters from the week of October 8

Feature: “The Oldest Professional,” September 10

Street Smarts

When I went through my first divorce, my kids and I were forced to live in the Northeast neighborhood because the rent was cheap. I knew I’d get a lot of my property stolen. I had no choice. I was working jobs I can’t even remember, to keep on the lights, gas, phone, the roof over our heads. I got even tougher than I was.

I know Northeast like the back of my hand. The cops never leave the taxpayers alone because they were so busy passing out speeding tickets for that bullshit red light at Ninth Street and Benton, and at the Avenue and Van Brunt, making me late for work, costing me more jack. But I soldiered on like I had to.

Darlene, the prostitute Casey Lyons wrote about, is a super trooper in my book because she knows the risks she’s taking ahead of time, can think on her feet, knows when vice rolls in.

If she had a proper education, she’d have a corner office on the top floor of State Farm.

Carol Price
Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Miracle Man,” September 24

Justice Denied

Our criminal justice system has many flaws, but it is still one of the best in the world. Although it’s unfortunate that Darryl Burton spent 24 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit, a miscarriage of justice can also work both ways, including setting guilty people free or failing to convict them. Hopefully in the future, more work can be done by groups to prove the innocence of incarcerated people, but maybe we need guilty projects as well to put people behind bars, which the court couldn’t do the first time around.

Kevin LaBranche
Kansas City, Missouri


Last week’s Night + Day piece “Rice Checks” incorrectly stated that artist Wolfgang Laib had personally laid out his new exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. An assistant of Laib’s supervised the installation.

In our Best Of Kansas City issue:

Anthony Ladesich should have been credited as a producer, director of photography, editor and writer in the Best Filmmaker write-up for Cowtown Ballroom … Sweet Jesus!

The award for Best Jingle credited the catchy ad to Shawnee Mission Kia; it should have gone to Shawnee Mission Hyundai (the dealerships are related but use different jingles).

And, finally, due to deadline hunger, we inadvertently left Best Pizza off the Readers’ Choices list. The winner is Waldo Pizza. For more on the best food in town — your picks and ours — see Fat City at Pitch.com.

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