Letters from the week of October 29

Feature: “Road Movies,” October 15

The Right Stuff

As an artist represented by Stuff (for eight years now), I was happy to see that Carolyn Szczepanski’s story about 63rd Street got to the essence of what Stuff is. In large part, I have Stuff to thank for the possibility of working full time as an artist now. They work vigilantly with an unflinching ethical standard to get the art to the people. And everyone involved has a lot of fun in the process!

Lori Buntin
Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “There Will Be Blood,” October 8

Real Cute

I am always amused at the self-appointed activists for animals.

Why isn’t Jason Miller marching in front of a meat-processing plant? The reality is, the deer are cute to look at, and I agree with that — until you see them with bones showing through their hides from lack of nutrition. If left alone, nature will resolve the issue on her own, which will bring about suffering to all of the deer population. The right thing to do becomes evident.

As far as the pied piper, what other creatures has he tried to protect? I can assure you that if the animal in question were a skunk, a rat, a venomous snake or a possum, you’d never have heard from this guy. As soon as the hunts are over, he’ll angrily sit in his basement, munching on his turkey club sandwich and planning how to save the cute Canadian goose from extinction.

Name withheld by request

A Meaty Riposte

So, I just read the article about the dude with the deer head. Though I don’t hunt, I would love to see inside this man’s head for a minute. He seems to think that allowing deer to starve to death is somehow more humane than putting a bullet in them. I am sure that he feels like the victim of oppression and a system that seems like any attempt to redress his grievances is an exercise in futility. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you are doing the same thing. If you want to be a vegan, great. More power to you. I, however, love steak and chicken.

Anyway, this guy needs to grow a clue the size of his balls. Passion without temperance of thought is a horrible combination. That is all.

C. Davis
Seoul, South Korea

Feature: “Close Encounter,” August 13

Prophet Margin

Alan Scherstuhl’s article about Stan Romanek’s lecture at the Mysteries of the Universe Conference in KC was absolutely spot-on. I was the guy in the audience who asked Stan if he had ever undergone a polygraph. I noticed — as I’m sure others did, too — that Stan was rattled by the question, because up to that point the audience appeared to be eager believers. Every detail in Scherstuhl’s article was correct and accurate.

I read Stan’s autographed book because I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. His wife charged me $20 — $3.50 over the suggested retail price of $16.50 on the back.

John Reddin
Osage Beach, Missouri

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