Letters from the week of October 22

Martin: “Tif for Tat,” October 1

Marcason Fails Another Test

Regarding David Martin’s column about Kansas City Councilwoman Jan Marcason and her minority-hiring questions for the artist and TIF Commission member known as Stretch:

After exhausting months of efforts to draw attention to the dangerous intersection near the Filling Station coffee shop, I made one final attempt. After no response from Public Works and other city departments, I decided to contact my councilwoman, Jan Marcason. After all, before her election, Ms. Marcason came to every neighborhood, promising to be responsive to her constituents. Not! Once elected, she became “Evasive Jan.”

After she didn’t answer my e-mail, I called her office. Answering her phone was her assistant, Susan. Susan promised to call me in a few days and said she would meet me at that intersection, along with a Public Works person. After not hearing from her again, I decided she must have been as evasive as Ms. Marcason. Funny how politicians can change after an election! I haven’t seen her at a neighborhood meeting since. Looks like her only ambition is go against the mayor … and those who voted for her!

Gene Pike, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “There Will Be Blood,” October 8

No Deer, No Peace

I am so saddened by our “park officials,” for their decision to kill the deer. I have attended this park for years, and the deer are so tame and come up so close, it has been such a beautiful bond. The board has been presented with the option to make it a preserve, which has worked elsewhere, and yet they chose to kill. I saw their arrogance as I attended the meeting. I will no longer be able to attend what was once my peaceful sanctuary with a clear conscience. I feel that these board members are bloodthirsty killers with no conscience or value for innocent life.

Kathy Hardinger, Overland Park

Can’t Hide

I can only ask: What does it say about a community, a state and a culture that makes it illegal to confine deer yet legal to slaughter them? Clearly these laws are made to preserve hunters their privilege, and not for the protection of the community, let alone the deer.

It’s an embarrassment that less than 5 percent of the population approves of hunting, yet it is allowed to continue. Must be in some odd subconscious way that we are afraid they will turn their guns on us if we challenge them(?). That seems to be their solution anyway — killing the innocent and defenseless as a quick means to an end, to solve a problem that we created by our foolish “overpopulation” of humans.

The proposal to enclose the deer and use contraceptives would have made Shawnee Mission Park a beacon of logic and compassion for all the nation to see. Instead, the status quo of ignorance and cruelty prevails.

I see the decisions to kill deer in this park as the sounding bell for a neighborhood filled with ill repute, bad karma and, in theory, filled with blood-lusting trash.

Bea Elliott, Winter Haven, Florida

Oh, Deer Me!

Shawnee Mission Park: site of an unprecedented deer slaughter. What a distinction! How proud of yourselves you must be to conceive of death as a solution to a social problem. Humans are overpopulated on the planet, also. How about sending your Bambi killers to take care of that problem?

Kathryn Dalenberg, Valley Head, Alabama

Wild Kingdom

Congratulations on a good story about a tough issue. If you do a follow-up, you should contact some of the various cities in and around the Austin, Texas, area. Deer in parks and cities have long been a problem there, and there have been several different attempts at solving it. Watching the deer starve to death is not a humane option. Contraception is not a practical solution. Lastly, interaction between humans and wild animals can be very dangerous — starving wild animals even more so.

J. Deterding, Richardson, Texas

Film: “The Awful Truth,” October 1

Not a Love Letter

Regarding Ella Taylor’s review of Capitalism: A Love Story: Michael Moore is an Academy Award winner. Michael Moore believes strongly in the common man and democracy. Michael Moore’s latest film is about greed, while abusing the common man. Karl (not Charlie) Marx and The Communist Manifesto have nothing to do with Capitalism: A Love Story. Republicans and most corporations define the word “greed” and got us into this economic catastrophe. They will not see this film because they “can’t handle the truth.” Never underestimate the power of denial.

You suck as a film critic, Ms. Taylor!

Dennis Holt, Overland Park

Thumbs Down

Does anyone at The Pitch ever like to go to movies? Have a genuine interest in film? Almost every review I read here is a juvenile bitchfest, as if picking and bitching and tearing a movie apart makes one a good film reviewer. It’s easy to do that; any 9-year-old can do it, too. I’d like to see some element of professionalism in your reviews, again, by someone who actually goes to movies for fun, someone who knows the art of filmmaking and someone mature enough to leave childish bitching about every film to whiny yuppies and 9-year-olds. Your movie review section is the only part of The Pitch that stinks.

David Alan Johnson, Kansas City, Kansas