Letters from the week of May 27

Feature: “Buy Our House,” May 13

Name Calling

Thank you for Carolyn Szczepanski’s article on young students of architecture at the University of Kansas. But to call them “student architects,” as in your headline, is legally incorrect. You are only an architect once you complete the certification process. Those using this term while learning to become architects can be punished or denied the opportunity to become one legally, because they take an oath that they have not been associated with the term “architect.” They are architectural interns, architectural designers or architectural graduates, studying architects. It is a noble profession, and the standards must be maintained. Good thing we were not talking about “lawyers.”

Bob Del Popolo, AIA

Cafe: “Traditions Live On,” May 20

Let’s Review

Thanks to Charles Ferruzza for taking the time to come out to Lee’s Summit and give Maggie’s Authentic Mexican Foods a try. I thought the review was fair, and I learned a lot from it. I do encourage him to come back and try some of the other dishes. I think that my pork chili is one of our best menu items, along with the pork tamales my aunts make for me. I offer pazole as well, which is a pork and white-hominy soup traditionally offered at Christmastime.

I am trying to stay true to what I know and keep Maggie’s a true family restaurant. I have been dinged for that. Most of the clientele are not used to this type of Mexican food, and I would say the majority leave pleasantly surprised.

I am guessing that Ferruzza thought the rice was bland. I have found that the majority of customers eat rice as a dish and not as a complement to other things, such as chicken mole mixed with rice or pork chili with rice. That was how it was served to me, and I guess I just assume that’s how customers should eat it — completely my lack of understanding. I am learning a lot about how others view and what others expect when dining out on Mexican food.

Ryan Schnabel
Maggie’s Authentic Mexican Foods
Lee’s Summit