Letters from the week of May 24

Martin: “Grocery Sacked,” May 10

Sugar Fix

Thank you so much for David Martin’s story on Sugar Creek. I just moved here from the Northeast area. The clean grasslands; all the old, big, tall trees; no trash all over the place — perfectly quiet. Now we find out that we are being kicked out. For what? Money.

Who is really going to stop and shop here? To give up people’s homes and way of life to put cement and steel in place of trees, gardens and green grass — is it worth it? No way! It really saddens our hearts for this to happen.

Sharon Gallus, Sugar Creek

Feature: “Using Their Noodle,” May 10

Noodling Around

I just got through with the story about noodling for catfish. I had never bought a “Girls Gone Anything” video before I read your story. I just ordered “Girls Gone Grabbling,” and I intend to have a party around the first showing.

Keep reporting on the underwater, er, undercover Missouri dramas unfolding all around us!

Eric Bergren, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Open Wide,” February 10, 2005

Revved Up

Since The Kansas City Star began reporting on Jerry Johnston’s First Family Church, the new Kansas attorney general, bulldog Paul Morrison, has set his sights on the Rev. Johnston to account for charlatan behavior. I recall C.J. Janovy’s piece on the preacher a couple years back, when she parked her lesbian ass on one of his pews to hear his sermon. The majority of his flock would have been horrified at her presence, had they known who she really was. It took some time, but some in the flock grew even more appalled upon actually realizing the extent of how they were being had with the money. Stupid fuckers. So, now that Rev. Falwell, a mentor for our Jerry, resides in that special place in hell for rainmakers with forked tongues, our guy is under assault from not only members of his congregation but also the primary law-enforcement officer of the state of Kansas. He probably figured his game would go on forever. But, alas, after a while even idiots find themselves at the point where enough is enough and it’s time for some reason. At least, that is what we hope for. Nonsense only goes so far.

Michael Boyd, Kansas City, Missouri Night Ranger, May 10

Red Tide

Thanks so much for the great article about Korruption. Jen Chen was very kind in terms of our lack of real décor and remnants of old décor. I appreciate the fact that Jen Chen’s jabs were accurate, quick and painless. My mom loved her idea of a flat rate for drinks, but, like actual communism, that’s much better in theory than in practice.

Jen, you are always welcome to come down. I’d love to hang out sometime even if you left your pen and pad at the office. Thanks again for your time and candor.

Gary Dwyer, Kansas City, Missouri