Letters from the week of May 10

Martin: “Spoils of War,” April 19

Mr. Kansas City

I am writing in response to David Martin’s “Spoils of War” and the subsequent letters to the editor by Bruce Rodgers and Diane Marty.

Let me tell you something, people: There is not a greater supporter of Kansas City than Carl J. DiCapo. I know that because I am his son. My father has spent his whole life working for the betterment of our fine city, and until the last few years he has done it for free. He has given his time, his money and his energy. You heard me: He has done it for free. He has worked for the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts of America, the Little Sisters of the Poor, and Don Bosco. The list goes on and on.

My dad missed a lot of his kids’ baseball and football games because he was working his normal 10 hours a day at the family restaurant or on a committee trying to improve the quality of life for Kansas Citians. Our family suffered so Carl J. DiCapo could give his resources and efforts to Kansas City.

Now that he has retired from the restaurant industry and someone wants to finally pay him for things he has done for 50 years for free, what happens? He gets ridiculed by Martin, Rodgers and Marty.

Let’s get a list of the free charity work done by these people and stack it up next to my dad’s and then let them make their comments. Carl J. DiCapo is a man of giving, a man of charity and a man of moral fortitude. Our town would be a lot better if we had more men of the character of Carl J. DiCapo.

John David DiCapo, Kansas City, Missouri

Martin, “The Queen,” March 29

Money Ball

Let’s see, now — Bartle Hall was just finished at a cost of $150.3 million. The Sprint Center is projected to cost (for now) at least $276 million.

Figuring a 40-year life span for each building, it will take $313,125 each month to pay for the Bartle Hall project and $575,000 to pay for the Sprint Center. Those are just the costs to pay the construction bills. Nothing else. Each and every month until those buildings fall down, the bill will be almost $900,000.

Couple those costs with the offer that the city made to the Penguins for rent-free use of the Sprint Center and, to me, the math just doesn’t add up. How will these buildings be able to generate enough income, be it through sales taxes, hotel taxes, car-rental taxes or other fees or taxes, month after month after month, to pay the costs on these buildings?

The answer is that they won’t be able to, and Kansas City will have to either raise taxes or dip into the general fund to prop up the finances. If these kinds of projects were moneyMAKERS, groups such as the Anschutz Entertainment Group (operating the Sprint Center) would be building them on their own without having the city do it.

Instead, they lose money over and over again. I doubt that anyone can find more than a handful of arenas around the country (if that) that generate consistent profits.

Lane A. Sekavec, DeSoto

Feature: “Cheese Nuts,” April 26

Cheesed Off

Well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected a fair outcome in an article meant to sensationalize, even if the writer, Carolyn Szczepanski, is a vegan.

Without addressing every detail that was wrong in the story — including making Taran Smith sound like a creative force who actually physically worked on anything — I would like to address an issue that the article failed to reveal to readers. My mother was never interested in my life until I married a has-been “child star.” Now the two of them, along with my ex-prom date, with half-baked lies, are conspiring to steal and force me out of a company I created, which gave my mom a life, Taran something to stand up for and the ex-prom date dollar signs to salivate over.

I also want to clarify for my investors who were put off by the comment of where I see myself in five years. The unedited version: I’ll be the founder of a major restaurant chain and multiple vegan manufacturing facilities around the world, giving me the freedom to do whatever I want. This kind of ending can happen anywhere, even in Kansas City.

Heidi VanPelt, Kansas City, Missouri

Meet Market

I read “Cheese Nuts.” It was well-written — thank you. I was very interested because I made a video feature of Taran and Heidi at their Sherman Oaks home in 2005 for my TV series, Tasty and Meatless (broadcast on Time Warner here in Hawaii). Carolyn Szczepanski’s article was like a follow-up to what happened to them.

The video footage and interviews are great, especially of Heidi. There are some great “in the kitchen” scenes and documented happy moments that might heal the current situation. Please visit our Web site to see more about our TV series: www.tastyandmeatless.com.

I am a media producer devoted to educating and inspiring the world to eat healthy and compassionately.

Joy Waters, Honolulu