Letters from the week of July 29

Feature: “The Prince of Right,” July 22

The Wingnut Strategy

Kris Kobach might be the most politically dangerous person in the state. I firmly believe he knows that he has not a leg to stand on and that the laws he writes will get struck down for being unconstitutional. He knows that immigration is a complex debate where nuanced policy and a weighing of competing interests are necessary to find effective responses. He must know “enforcement by attrition” is complete rubbish. He knows that voter fraud is a nonexistent problem in Kansas. He knows that being an anti-abortion vigilante ruined Phill Kline’s career in public office. So it seems that he picked the next best paper monster to whip up irrational fears in the good people of Kansas, who don’t know all the things he knows.

He picks the nebulous “furriner,” a scapegoat that sounds like a good spot to place blame. He capitalizes on that little bit of fear of “the other” that even the good people of Kansas have. And he massages it and salts it and works it up into irrational, xenophobic fear. And then he aligns himself with a wingnut like Arpaio so that he gets the benefit of the support of the fans of Arpaio, while retaining a “moderate” appearance by standing next to a wingnut. The people of Kansas are being duped. And Kobach knows what he’s doing. He’s a swindler of public policy.

Name withheld by request
Manhattan, Kansas

Hey, What About Us?

It’s a shame that The Pitch didn’t cover the hundreds of Americans who were peacefully demonstrating against this Kobach-Arpaio event. The folks standing on the sidewalk looked like real America — people of all colors and many people of faith — letting those white, elderly folks going to the Kobach event know that hope and love can overcome the hate, racism, exclusion, civil rights violations, etc.

Our government ended up paying reparations for the violations imposed on our Japanese citizens during World War II. Our anti-immigrant history against the Irish, Italians, Poles, etc., was overcome, and they were welcomed into our melting pot. Kobach has made a lot of money defending his unconstitutional laws in Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma. He absolutely is no dummy — just very good at pulling the wool over the eyes of the gullible, uninformed masses. Let’s hope he loses again.

Angela Ferguson

Tone Deaf

I noticed that you’ve cataloged this as a “news” report, with a headline of “Kris Kobach wants to rescue Kansas (and America!) from its worst enemy: illegal immigrants.” Gee whiz, Joe Tone, your tone has some bias, perhaps?

You need to try hiring a few credible reporters at The Pitch and leave the op-eds to Jose. I’m not sure you’d know real ones if you interviewed them for the job. The Pitch is just another yellow-journalism rag that spouts ideologies and propaganda rather than informing the public as it should. Good job, boys and girls of The Pitch, you’ve certainly showed your talents again.

Steve Hammer

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