Letters from the week of July 22

Feature: “A Day in the Right to Life,” July 15

Undercover Fetus Lover

It is not Christian to think it better to have a person dead to get rid of the sin they are committing. It is better to have them alive, even if they’re committing murder, because God desires everyone, especially the hardened sinner, to come to the knowledge of the truth about who he is. If we are happy that a sinner dies before turning away from their sin, we are just as much a sinner because we have not loved them. If you say you love God and have not love, you are a clanging cymbal, as the Scripture says in St. Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth. We must be sad when any sinner dies before they repent; that is one less person to adore our Lord in heaven. Shame on the KFL woman who was glad that someone was murdered. Pastors, shame on you who don’t preach love of neighbor. It is inseparable from love of God!

Theresa Lynn

Offensive Lines

First of all, I am an avid reader of The Pitch. I’m always sure to pick up a copy at work the day it arrives, and I especially look forward to your cover stories. For this reason, the extreme offensiveness and biases expressed in this week’s cover story came as a shock and a disappointment to me.

Peter Rugg’s article was grossly offensive, contained poor research and, in my opinion, was not even journalistically ethical. It was an embarrassment to publish in a newspaper that I thought, while occasionally biased, stayed away from radically alienating an entire audience.

I hope The Pitch realizes the effects that publishing such a grossly offensive and biased article could have on young women who are dealing with these issues. It is not Rugg’s place to call a teenage rape victim a murderer or claim that a high school biology teacher is promoting some evil agenda in advising his students to protect themselves before participating in intercourse.

I’d like to see some apology from Rugg published for the outright hate and terrible journalism that were demonstrated in his writings, yet somehow I don’t expect it. I certainly no longer view your publication the same way that I used to.

Lauren Stookey
Kansas City, Missouri

Editor’s note: The quotes offensive to Lauren Stookey were the words of the people with whom Rugg spoke while reporting the story. Rugg didn’t call anyone a murderer.

Corps Values

I’ve recently returned from Malawi as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and Kansans for Life is not making my readjustment any smoother or more pleasant. Most PCVs are working hard on projects similar to, and often inspired by, those of Planned Parenthood: prenatal and maternal health, STD testing, treatment and care of those living with a disease, women’s health, promoting abstinence and contraceptives when appropriate, accurate and open dialogue about serious misconceptions regarding sex, and the list goes on. Malawi is a lot different from Kansas in many ways. The difference I’m most proud of in my Malawian colleagues and friends is their commitment to expand their public-health infrastructure away from where KFL wants us to revert to. Malawi is growing and becoming healthier, but KFL’s obsession with protesting abortion is not helping us do the same.

George Pro
Kansas City, Kansas

Correction: Last week’s cover story (“A Day in the Right to Life”) misspelled the name of Kansas congressional candidate Dan Gilyeat.

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