Letters from the week of January 14

Feature: “Father Troost,” December 24, 2009

Praises Be!

Bravo, bravo! J. Malcolm Garcia’s piece was thorough and heartfelt and a true depiction of the Troost corridor. What wonderful God-life work the Rev. David Altschul is doing. He is truly to be commended for living the instructions that God Almighty has set out for humankind in the Good Book: for us to love each other like ourselves. May God continue to bless Father David, his wife, their family and those whom they help and you and yours. Happy New Year 2010!

Michelle Williams
Kansas City, Missouri

Beauty Is as Beauty Does

J. Malcolm Garcia’s story was a beautiful article about a lovely man. I knew David and his wonderful family in grade school but had lost track of him. His work is admirable, loving and courageous.

Tracey Brown Westhoff
Kansas City, Missouri

Love Your Neighbor

So good to see J. Malcolm Garcia’s name surface locally with such a wonderful story on one of my all-time favorite folks. I unabashedly love Father David and all he does and stands for, and was thrilled to see Garcia still touching the heartstrings of the KC community.

Karen Janas

David vs. Goliath

That was a great story about David Altschul, but it was only a portion of what he is about. There is much more to tell, and David deserves more recognition. I worked with him in the ministry before all of this, and he is the only one who is dedicated to changing that part of the city.

Clifton Body
Kansas City Missouri

The Lord’s Work

I was beyond excited when Father David told me that he was interviewed by The Pitch. Being the man he is, he never mentioned that he was going to be on the cover! I happened upon the paper when out at a bar with my husband and friends. I’m sure they thought I’d lost my mind when I grabbed 10 copies and began passing them out among friends. Thank you so much for the article and for allowing the public to meet a man who is truly holy. Our city is blessed to have him.

Heidi Young
Kansas City Missouri

Brother’s Keeper

I want to praise J. Malcolm Garcia, photographer Michael McClure and The Pitch for the article “Father Troost.” I was truly touched by the way your story captured my “little” brother, David. He will always be Davy Crockett to me, though, just as I am “Wild Bill Hickok.” Growing up, we loved to imagine each other in role-playing. I would often talk like Donald Duck and do other imitations. I, too, have recently been ordained. I hold the office of priest at Outreach Restoration Branch in Independence. I still hold a full-time job as I have for almost 50 years. Upon retirement, I hope to spend more time at Reconciliation Services and help out my brother and his community. He has always been an inspiration to me, but I have never told him that. I have seen him grow and develop over the years. You did an excellent job in portraying him. Thank you!

Bill Altschul

Café: “New Roost on Troost,” December 24, 2009

Poor Man’s Eggs, Anyone?

In Charles Ferruzza’s review of Niecie’s Restaurant, his friend asked, “Is there a connection between the economy and comfort food?” The question made me think about places that used to offer the best in comfort food — Sydney’s on Broadway and on the Plaza, the Forum Cafeteria downtown, and the Pioneer Grill on the corner of 12th Street and Baltimore.

Sydney’s had a dish called Poor Man’s Eggs that was a mainstay for me when I was newly married and very poor. I’ve looked everywhere for the recipe, with no luck. Does anyone remember this dish, and can they supply the recipe?

Thanks for writing about one of my favorite subjects: food!

Jill Daubresse
Kansas City, Missouri

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