Letters from the week of February 25

Feature: The Sex Edition, February 11

Cheat Sheet

Say, man, what’s the deal with The Pitch?

I am referring to “The Sex Edition: Year of the Cheaters.” I have been a reader through the years of right-wing purgatory — you know, the 2000s. You guys did a great job in the last five years that I’ve been reading. But I have seen in recent times (the last few months, really) a downfall of journalistic integrity on such a gangrenous level, it saddens me deeply. “The Disavowed,” “the Other Man,” “the Wife” — really? How about “the High School Journalists at The Pitch Ran Out of Ideas.”

You guys dedicated a whole issue to cheaters? Give me a goddamn break. That’s just one more reason that The Pitch isn’t the kick-ass ‘zine-flavored paper it used to be years ago. How about you save the yellow journalism for the Montel crowd and get back to writing about things that separate The Pitch from the checkout-aisle nonsense. (David Martin’s recent pieces on 18th and Vine and the Mutual Musicians Foundation are good examples.) If you continue this sad status quo, maybe I’ll get a hoot out of Alan Scherstuhl covering his employers in “Studies in Crap.” But Christ knows I don’t want to switch over to Ink for my free rag. At least, not until a few more steaming piles of horseshit like the Sex Edition go rolling off the press. I leave you with a quote from “the Snoop“: “It’s disheartening at the end of the day because you see what society’s becoming.”

Apply that to The Pitch.

Lovingly yours,

Thomas R. Mason
Blue Springs

No ‘Mos

If next year’s issue is anything like this year’s, please label it the “Heterosex Edition.” That would save all your ‘mo readers some precious time.

Stuart Hinds

Christian Marriage

Regarding the story on alleged bigamist William Rivera: Congrats on finding out another demented Christian. Oh, in case you thought I was a Christian hater, I am one. Christian, that is. Seriously, glad to see the article.

Jon Shaffer
Carthage, Missouri

>Feature: “The Politics of Dancing,” January 28

Missed a Beat

I just read Nadia Pflaum’s article about Kansas City’s three competing salsa kings. I wish she would have contacted Miguel DeLeon, who is the original “king” of salsa in KC. I began dancing to his music in 1989 at the Boulevard Beat. We also used to frequent Juanchito’s in Overland Park, where the owner, Ramon, and DJ “Tony” entertained us three nights a week with salsa, cumbia, merengue, etc. We actually dressed up then: men were in suits and ties (no tennis shoes allowed), and women competed to see who could wear the most beautiful dresses, earrings and shoes. I’m always surprised when an article comes out that doesn’t mention DeLeon, the Boulevard Beat or Juanchito’s.

I left Kansas City in 2006, but I go salsa dancing when I return. I have been very saddened to see jeans, T-shirts, women in slacks and bootlike dancing shoes, and the lack of glamour and glitz. But more than anything I wish, just once, an article would be written about the true history of salsa in KC, with DeLeon being interviewed (and the men in his band) as well as the Latinos and Hispanics in the area — if not for them, there really wouldn’t be any salsa to fight about. DeLeon’s Web site is elmamboworld.com. It has a link to his personal musical history, and I think you might enjoy reading it. I would like the newer salsa fans in Kansas City to know some of the earlier history.

Suzanna Rica
Hollywood, Florida

Café: “Hold the Show,” January 21

The Tedium of Teppan-yaki

I read Charles Ferruzza’s review of Edokko Restaurant. I thought it was fantastic. I dislike the teppan-yaki style restaurants for the same reasons he mentioned. Everyone else I know loves it. It’s good to know there is a kindred spirit who shares my views.

Eric Kirkwood
Kansas City, Kansas

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