Letters from the week of December 7

Net Prophet, November 23

Balls Out

Alonzo Washington believes he is the hardest-working activist in KC? Puh-lease. Most people with any history and time in this town could name a dozen or more people with a longer and more formidable record than Mr. Washington’s.

As someone who has had dealings and involvement in KC’s environmental scene, I can say that the names Bob Mann and Don Reck certainly have records that eclipse Alonzo’s so-called “activist” history, and I’m sure there are many, many more in areas of activism whom Alonzo would not want to recognize, whose quiet service and genuine leadership dwarf his.

And why does Alonzo feel the need to use superlatives to describe himself — “KC’s hardest-working activist” — and the relative size of his balls vis-à-vis others in this community? Isn’t that the exact type of false bravado and machismo that routinely get young brothers killed and maimed every day in this town? You want to accuse Alvin Brooks of being an Uncle Tom, but you make yourself in the image of Uncle Jesse Jackson, and instead of challenging the white man’s authority, you want to shake down the white establishment for guilt and blood money, much like Mr. Jackson. You should apologize to Mr. Brooks and spend a few decades trying to fill a jock his size.

Do not confuse ego size with the size of your testicles. You didn’t have to brag to show us you’re nuts. Doc Gould, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Bush Blew up the Twin Towers,” November 23

Bush Whack

I’m not so certain that Ben Paynter’s article bolsters the credibility of the 9/11 truth movement. Drunks, Disney Pooh watch, a heavyset dentist with a patient who is “trying to think” — the coloring of the characters seems more important in your writing and distracts from the message that there are many discrepancies and omissions in the official explanations by the 9/11 Commission that demand answers — answers that the White House insiders, appointed by George W. Bush, failed to address.

A “novelistic” style may better be applied to a less serious subject, unless the intention is to create a “fringe” identity for these activists. Dr. Ed Kendrick, Kansas City, Missouri

Pap Smear

Well, Mr. Ben Paynter, your distaste for the human race certainly shows through, doesn’t it? By countless little jabs and innuendos of style and substance, you try mightily — but gently — to cajole your pap-fed readers to believe that those who try to think for themselves — instead of swallowing every “official story” thrown their way by Big Brother — are a bunch of kooks … perhaps nice kooks, but kooks nonetheless. We know nothing of your personal history and circumstances or else we could, without a doubt in the world, make you look just as peculiar as you try to make those seeking the truth of events.

In your article, you have not touched on a single salient physical fact that indicates the government is lying to us. You manage to call squibs of high explosives “puffs of air”! You don’t mention, of course, the pools of molten steel found in the sub-basements of the towers two weeks after their collapse. Steel, of course, melts around 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit. That is approximately 1,000 degrees hotter than the fires ever reached in their short burn in the towers on September 11. Oh, there is so, so much more, Mr. Ben Paynter … but of course, you will never know any of it. Why? Because, Mr. Paynter, you are a fool. A nice fool, perhaps a bought-and-paid-for fool, but a fool nonetheless. Henry Ayre, “Henri the Celt,” Soldotna, Alaska

Faux Hawk

Bravo to the Pitch. The article on the 9/11 truth movement and Janice Mathews was pretty good.

It would have been helpful to readers unfamiliar with the hidden facts of 9/11 if more space had been allotted to organizations such as Scholars for 9/11 Truth and men like physicist Steven Jones, who are using the scientific method to investigate the collapse of the World Trade Center and WTC Building 7. There has been a huge amount of research done as to the truth and lies of 9/11, but so far, the mainstream media have turned a deaf ear, which is not surprising, given the implications.

I, too, underwent a gradual “reawakening” after 9/11, and it was a very informative, unpleasant experience. I started looking into the controlled-demolition information, and the scales fell from my eyes. From Operation Northwoods to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution to the Project for the New American Century and so forth, I learned more than I ever wanted to know about how American policy is manipulated and how the American public has been coerced by synthetic terror events made in the U.S.A. How do we unseat the psychopaths who have hijacked this nation, and how do we reform our corrupt Congress so that false-flag terror tactics are not used against U.S. citizens in the future? Tim Gale, Boulder, Colorado

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