Letters from the week of December 17

Martin: “School of Narcissism,”
December 3

Politicians in Training

It’s nice to see that David Martin really dug deep for his column on the UMKC Student Government incident. In fact, reading ripped and predigested material from college newspapers is exactly why I read The Pitch.

However, this piece is merely meant to be entertainment, right? If so, Mr. Martin executed his goals flawlessly because I had a hearty laugh over the obvious bias that no real news reporters would let blind them so overwhelmingly.

“Students don’t govern. … The rest is just theater. Or practice.” Really? I would invite Mr. Martin to spend some time sitting in on a UMKC Student Government meeting rather than passing off old University News photos as “research.” He might learn that Student Government handles the entire general welfare of the student body. Yes, many times through budget referendums, but not through an “activities budget.” The multimillion-dollar additions to the Miller Nichols Library, the new Student Union and Residence Halls? If it doesn’t go through government, it doesn’t get accomplished.

So, David, before you attempt to trash another student’s reputation by recycling underpaid undergraduate work, ask yourself if it’s really worth it to be a lazy dick about it.

Corey Light
UMKC Trustee Scholar Class 2011
Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Thank God for the Rock,” November 26

Unbiased Toward Christians

I was very refreshed by Casey Lyons’ article on the Rock church. I enjoy reading The Pitch; however, the articles that I have read on groups that associate themselves with Christianity tend to be more negative. I’m not sure if that’s due to the writer or the subject. It was nice to read a story about people who are standing up for what is right. Lyons did a great job of presenting the facts and telling a story that allowed the reader to decide what to think. It’s not every day that we get to read “good news.”

Jedidah Britt
Kansas City, Missouri

Film: “Brothers,” December 3

Trauma Critic

Melissa Anderson sort of gets around to saying she doesn’t like Brothers, which is OK; that’s her opinion. She says director Jim Sheridan “aims for Greek tragedy but ends up with a PTSD melodrama.” I have not seen the film and probably won’t because I’m a Vietnam veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder. If the film does a credible job of addressing the issue of PTSD, then I would hope she would endorse that, because there are record numbers of these young men and women returning with this diagnosis.

Her flip comment about Travis Bickle (stereotype) shows how little she cares or even tries to understand the crushing reality that they are experiencing. She obviously has never had a loved one with PTSD.

Try better next time?

Joe Costigan
Los Angeles

Café: “Pilgrim’s Progress,” November 26

Gravy Pain

Charles Ferruzza wrote a nice review of Cozy’s Café. I had breakfast there shortly after hearing a caller on The Walt Bodine Show talk about how wonderful it was. It was just OK, fair. My friend ordered a side of biscuits and gravy — we think it was microwaved! The gravy looked like glue sitting on top of the biscuits. But it was a nice, clean place. Fancier than expected.

Deanna Rudd
Prairie Village

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