Letters from the week of August 27

Martin: “The Electric Slide,” August 13

Contract Labor

As a former federal contracting officer, a subcontracts manager for a major defense contractor, and a contract administrator for an EPA contractor, my concern with Mark One Electric’s contract to perform maintenance on the city’s electrical systems and equipment would be why it was not made to the low bidder.

Unless this was a set-aside contract, and there’s no evidence in David Martin’s column to suggest it was, almost all laws and regulations would dictate that the award go to the lowest bidder.

It’s pretty well established that our city government is being run as a friends-and-family proposition, but for heaven’ sake, shouldn’t there at least be some effort made to make it appear that things are on the up and up?

Thanks to Martin for his excellent reporting on the goings-on at City Hall.

Larry Roth
Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Crash,” July 30

All About Bill

I attempted to read your article on Bill Laursen with an open mind, to try to empathize with Mr. Laursen, understand how he could have done such a thing. However, it seemed that he is already at work making excuses for himself.

Anyone (talented or not) who seeks out child pornography is as guilty as the person holding the camera. I would have liked to have heard that he has as much empathy for the true victims in this story as he does for himself.

People like Bill Laursen should receive all the psychological help they can get. He should also be punished for knowingly breaking the law. We all still have choices. Otherwise, he will just continue to be one of the predators/customers who keeps child pornography going.

Sorry, but my empathy goes to the young girls who were violated — not Bill Laursen.

Lisa A. Sachs
Overland Park

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