Letters from the week of August 26

Feature: “Banned,” August 19

Drunk Responsibly

Years ago, I used to somewhat frequent Westport, and I very much enjoyed having some drinks with friends. What people are failing to realize is that it becomes necessary to show a little common sense when consuming moderate amounts of alcohol. The majority of patrons and business owners alike want some type of order to reduce the possibility of injury to consumers and employees and to reduce damage to property. Without some type of order, local business and residents would suffer. The ACLU and the NAACP need to further research what is actually happening and what is necessary to protect life and property before they decide to condemn what the majority of patrons and business owners want.

Name withheld by request

Good Advice

The bottom line is, if you don’t act like a stupid drunken idiot, you will not have any problems. If you act like a drunken idiot, there may be consequences for your actions. As someone who lives in the Westport area, I would rather see security be slightly overzealous than let the wolves run the henhouse. This just needs to be better defined in terms of policy; then, at least people who cause problems will be aware of the price that’s paid for beating the crap out of someone, almost running over someone with your car, or pissing on a public sidewalk. You know, just acting like a normal, functioning human being — I personally don’t think that is asking too much.

Steve Cotten, Kansas City, Missouri

Check Yourself,
Don’t Wreck Yourself

I believe the failure here is not the security personnel trying to enforce basic civility with a certain amount of human error mixed in. The failure is in people forgetting that they have some level of responsibility to police themselves and their actions. The very fact that this article is written is a sign of how myopic we’ve become as a society. Walk into the middle of your favorite restaurant or your church and relieve yourself, then wonder why the people around you are upset. Not realizing why this kind of behavior is wrong is why articles like this are written.

John Kelley, Kansas City, Missouri

This Island Westport

If a neighborhood wants to privatize itself, then should it also have to pay for fire protection, trash removal, streetlights, road repairs and so on? You can’t have it both ways. Until the area uses no public funds and no city services, the bans are too harsh.

Kevin LaBranche, Kansas City, Missouri

Full Metal Yellowjacket

How many CIDs are there in town? There is a Main Street CID that runs 20 blocks of Main. It detains people on a citizens-arrest basis and calls the city cops when it wants to get somebody in trouble. I understand that the area may be prone to crime, but that job is for the police. This is not a war zone, and we don’t need to be contracting out security for the sake of creating a better business area.

Elizabeth Wyeth, Kansas City, Missouri

A Full Moon!
Chain Me Tightly!

I am extremely grateful that I didn’t hurt anyone and I didn’t end up in jail. Westport security was actually pretty nice to me. They didn’t mace me or threaten me with violence. The only issue I had was that when they “banned” me, they didn’t make their point clear. I did not know I was actually banned. I thought that “we better not see you for a year” meant I better not cause any more problems, that they had their eyes on me. I tried to explain that to them when I went back three days later, but they would not listen and cuffed me immediately. Trust me. I’m all for having security of some kind. I don’t know what the answer is.

Ryan Shank, Kansas City, Missouri

Get Off My Lawn

Based solely on the pictures with this article, I have banned the Westport Six from my house.David Remley, Kansas City, Missouri