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Letters, July 19

Paper Trails

I had to laugh at the letter from the lady who wrote in to bash the Pitch for the Phill Kline article.

This poor, ignorant lady states right off the bat that she does not read the Pitch. She then admits she did not even read the “Dimwit D.A.” article. Does this lady even have a clue as to how absurd that is?

Instead of bashing the Pitch, she should be thanking the staff for enlightening the community. It’s sad that this lady chooses to remain ignorant. Had this lady actually read the article, she’d know that it was not about picking on Phill Kline because he’s an ultraconservative Christian, anti-abortion guy. The article was about Phill Kline mismanaging an important public office. The article was about Phill Kline unceremoniously firing talented, experienced professionals and replacing them with clods.

Thank you, Pitch, for enlightening us folks who decide to live in the real world. For those Phill Kline supporters who live in la-la land, just hope the next time you go to Target to get a new pair of rose-colored glasses, Edwin “Jack” Hall is not roaming free because Phill Kline and his nimrods blew the murder case. Kline was at the suspected perp’s house with rubber gloves on and poking around. The defense might use that bonehead move to their advantage. Phill, let the police do their work and you stay in your office and watch Perry Mason episodes.

Name withheld by request

Janovy, July 12

Cold Busted

I enjoyed C.J. Janovy’s article regarding Plaza retailers leaving the doors open with the air conditioning running. It was pretty mind-boggling and reminded me of another potential energy-waster that I’ve been curious about for a few years.

When I moved to Spain about five years ago for a lengthy stay, I was surprised to see that milk sold in stores there is not refrigerated. Apparently, pasteurized milk needs no refrigeration until after you open it. If that is the case, how come every one of the thousands of places in the USA that sells milk keeps it refrigerated and, in turn, sucks up tons of energy in doing so? This energy use is in addition to all the energy used to keep the milk cold while transporting it.

Digging into this might be a way to keep up with the Kansas City Star and its blockbuster revelations about hot fuels.

Alan Barry, Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “Bully Wars,” August 2

Bully for You

I loved Ben Paynter’s “Bully Wars” article. I’m a complete beer nut, so any news on the KC beer scene is a welcome, good read!

I’m enjoying working with one of my best friends on a local beer blog. We’re having a great time with it and have found that it’s turning into a nice hobby!

Andrew Ward, Kansas City, Missouri

Lunar Landing

As a bartender at one of the more “swanky” hotels downtown, I have asked myself plenty of times, What’s going to happen with this Lunar Ale? After reading about the latest expansion of the Boulevard Brewing Company and its latest year-round beer, I decided to give it one more chance, just in case I missed something.

Well, it’s 5:45 in the morning and I’m on my fifth Lunar. This is the third chance I’ve given it, and it’s fired. I will continue to drink the Pale Ale that I love so dearly, but the Lunar is just too complex of a beer for me. I will continue supporting the Boulevard Brewing Company by drinking their beers and turning out-of-towners onto it, as well as not supporting another St. Louis brewing company, but I think it’s time to put this one to sleep.


Name withheld by request

Bullying Tactics
Ben Paynter’s beer article confused me so much, I actually read it twice. I could not derive a main message from the piece. Was it supposed to be an informative look at what it is like to be a beer salesman? Or was it an article in disguise with carefully placed cheap shots at Boulevard Brewing? A couple of bars change tap handles and this is a sudden market shift? A guy at a bar said he doesn’t like the taste of something, and now we have trending?

Give me five minutes and I will find 50 people who think foie gras sucks. I doubt the Wall Street Journal would publish my research.

An article like this would be unfair to any wholesale business. And to choose Boulevard as the target is the most ironic aspect of this. They epitomize everything you want a local company to be. Listing their contributions to Kansas City culture and charity would be a big job in itself. It is also pretty obvious they know how to brew and sell beer.

Oh, and during my second reading, I enjoyed a delicious Pale Ale.

Phil Thomas, Kansas City, Kansas

Café, August 2

Tom Cattiness

I was extremely disappointed to find that Charles Ferruzza was allowed to use the Pitch for a personal attack against Tom Macaluso. The fact that Tom is one of the finest men I know is beside the point.

Mr. Ferruzza should stick to actually reviewing restaurants and leave the op-ed writing to those with a more balanced perspective.

Mary Ellison, Kansas City, Missouri

My Big Fat Mouth, August 2

Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me

Charles Ferruzza is the first journalist I’ve known to acknowledge that table service is as much theatrics as anything else. Servers in KC don’t know how lucky they are to have you critiquing them instead of me.

I’ve mentioned to you before how mundane I find restaurant service in KC in general, and it’s truly rare when I find a restaurant that offers what I consider top-notch service. I’m solidly of the opinion that the price of the meal should not set the level of service, any more than I expect a community theater production to be of any less quality than a Broadway show in NYC (and believe me, I’ve seen some real flop performances on Broadway). It’s really all about the mentality, attitude and how much the server wants to please the customer (and maybe how hungry they are).

Anyway, thanks for finally putting in print what I’ve believed most of my life.

Charles Ballew, Kansas City, Missouri

You Got Served

As a veteran server of almost a decade, I do appreciate Charles Ferruzza mentioning one of our servers, Desiree, and her ability to stay on the ball and never lose her cool. Service is second only to the food, and receiving bad service is equivalent to finding a roach in your penne.

Some servers, no matter how long they’ve been in the business, never seem to realize that restaurant patrons are like bears and bees. They can smell fear. By simply keeping steadfast, you can shape someone’s evening. Service should be scrutinized, but on the same token, it should be taken a bit more seriously by the American public.


Our job is one of the more difficult ones out there; doing it well is an art. It deserves to be acknowledged as such. Thank you for at least looking at both sides of the coin and not just whining about the bad stuff.

Sarah Swartz, Kansas City, Missouri

The August 16 article “Fight the War” misidentified Michelle Mubarak and her school, St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

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