Letters from the week of August 19

Shut Yer’ Foxhole: August 5

Love for Larry

The “cartoon” by Travis Fox concerning Larry Schnackenberg was the most vile and inappropriate thing I have ever seen printed in your paper. I don’t know him or his family, but OMG, are you trying to get a cheap laugh or just crucify his family? Put words in his mouth? Shameful. Innuendo of motivation? Unforgivable. Something bad happened to this man, and thank God he was found. And Shawnee Mission Park is big, and there are no Sonic Drive-ins even remotely close. I live in Shawnee, in Johnson County, and I expect the whole community to jump in when a neighbor needs help. And they do. You owe his entire family a public apology.

Allen DeCamp

Martin: “All Aboard,” August 5

Sans Gondolas

Not this BS again! This town and area are too stupid to ever get this off the ground. We voted for this once and got it passed. Then the mayor had it nullified. Then it was put up for a vote and shot down. Trying to appropriate federal funds for rail in this town is a joke. There has been ample time for this to get off the ground in previous years. But now it has become a case of too little too late and a fine example of how shortsighted everyone in this area is. This town doesn’t deserve any kind of rail project, let alone money for it. That money deserves to go to cities that have projects in the works or already established. Kansas City doesn’t suffer from defeatism by the hands of others. It is self-inflicted!

Pedro Mora

Railing for Rail

David Martin’s skepticism may be warranted. But we believe that Mike Sanders, in submitting his enthusiastic vision for regional rapid rail to the Mid-America Regional Council process, can help the region emerge with a reasonable plan. MARC’s modest federal Alternatives Analysis grant request is for the
Independence-Blue Springs and the Lee’s Summit-Pleasant Hill rail lines to Union Station, together with a streetcar line from River Market to Union Station. Bus rapid-transit proposals from Overland Park-Mission to the Plaza and on to Troost (which got federal support as part of the $50 million TIGER grant), and from the Kansas Speedway to downtown Kansas City, Missouri, are in process. Also in the mix are the Johnson County proposals for bus service across 75th Street to Waldo, and on Interstate 35 shoulders to downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Here are six proposed transit lines, four crossing state lines, extending from significant suburban centers to the central business corridor, the densest concentration of jobs in the region, and the locus of a number of the region’s prime destinations. For the first time you have an elected official sticking his neck out for a proposal that reaches toward a broader voter mix with a compelling regional-transit concept.

Kite Singleton and Kitty McCoy
Kansas City Regional Transit Alliance
Kansas City, Missouri

Feature: “The Illustrated Chef,” August 12

Tattoo You

Tattoos do not classify you as trashy, stupid or reckless; the actions of people will decide that.

Tattooing has been around for thousands of years as a way of expressing oneself, of celebrating a milestone in life, or of showing devotion to someone or something — sometimes that person’s god. Tattoos aren’t going away. They are getting more popular and much more elaborate than in years past.

I suggest you evaluate who you looked up to as a child and truly ask yourself: If they had a tattoo that was visible, would it all change in a heartbeat, or would you reconsider your statement?

Dan Doty
Kansas City, Missouri

Cool-ass Grandma

I am a mother and a grandmother, and I have two tats — not because I am trash but because I wanted to express something. I am still an upstanding, clean, law-abiding citizen. I have known some real creepy people with no tattoos or piercings whatsoever. They were some of the worst scum I’ve ever met, all cleaned up in their suits.

Deborah A. Matthews
Kansas City, Missouri