Letters for the week of May 1

Feature, “Gone Green,” April 10

Protect It

Thanks for Carolyn Szczepanski’s profile of Bob Berkebile. Good reporting and well-written stories are keys to raising awareness. Media people have a huge responsibility for education on climate protection, and I’m glad to see your paper participates so regularly.

Keith Winterhalter, Lenexa

Feature, “Plastic Attack,” April 24

Bisphenol A for Autism?

Thanks for Nadia Pflaum’s article about Frederick vom Saal and his team’s work on bisphenol A. Although I know there is no need for widespread panic, after seeing all of the news regarding this subject, I now wonder whether this could also have contributed to the increase in autism in recent years. Autism is often blamed on vaccinations or, more specifically, to thimerosal in vaccinations, which hasn’t been used for several years, and yet autism cases are on the rise. It could be that some children are more susceptible than others to hazards of heated formula bottles. I would be interested to know if anyone is looking into that.

Donna Harmon, Kansas City, Missouri

Pro Prof

Nadia Pflaum’s article on the subject of bisphenol-A and Fred vom Saal’s fight against the plastics industry was spectacular. I am a graduate student in vom Saal’s lab, and I try to keep up with the many articles and news reports on bisphenol-A. Often, the media get some of their facts confused, leading to more misinformation. However, the article is quite well written and accurate, one of the best I’ve seen. Keep up the good work.

Brittany Angle, Columbia

The Future’s Not in Plastics

Thank you very much for the story on plastics. Keep this story out there. It has opened my eyes to all the dangers to my family.

Dan Sims, Olathe

Feature: “The People vs. Erotic City,” March 27, and Update: “Shorty’s Day,” April 24

Must Read

Most articles, I just scan — they cannot capture my attention. Justin Kendall is one of the best and most fluent writers I have read. Although the material in his story about the trial of Jesse Herd was unbelievable and heartbreaking, it was presented very well. I thought I would let you know that his writing style is very easy for readers to follow.

Regina Brown, Belton

Parental Advisory

Thank you for supporting Shorty in these articles. I knew her personally and worked for her parents at one time. I did not notice any of the signs because most victims of abuse hide their own feelings. Thankfully, this judge did not allow Jesse Herd to get off and do this to the rest of his daughters.

Name withheld by request

World of Help

I just wanted to say that Shorty has so much support and a world of backing behind her. I have been reading all the latest news on her case and am relieved to see that this intelligent bright young girl will finally be able to close this chapter of her life and start over. She is now ready to become whoever and whatever she wants to be. Just by reading about her, I see her to go on and be someone real special and important. I see her as helping out a lot of other young girls who have had evil come upon them.

Tara Farr, Kansas City, Missouri

Night & Day, April 24, and Bonus Tracks, April 17

Loves Him Some Clem

I would just like to say that it is awesome that you now have Mitch Clem doing artwork for you. His concert flier work and Webcomic art are great. Knowing he is contributing to The Pitch means I will be picking it up more often.

Clayton Perkins, Lawrence

Music: “Whozey-T,” April 17

No B-Word

I would like to first say I really enjoyed the article on Hozey-T, and I can appreciate it when young artists who are actually saying something that matters can get acknowledged. However, I would like to point out an error. In quoting his song “Rise,” you wrote: “a jealous nigga pissed because his bitch just got her ass rocked.” I know he didn’t say that — he said “chick.” Don’t want to give the ladies the wrong image of him — that’s not him at all. Just wanted to point that out. Overall, I enjoyed the article and Nadia Pflaum’s writing. God bless.

Marquita Hardin, Kansas City, Missouri

Corrections: Thanks to Marquita Hardin for pointing out our error in Hozey-T’s lyrics. Also, we regret that our April 24 Night & Day section incorrectly reported the date of the Chiefs’ Draft Day Party (it was Saturday, April 26). And, contrary to what Nadia Pflaum reported in her April 24 feature, “Plastic Attack,” the Society of the Plastics Industry is not a subsidiary of the American Chemistry Council.

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