Led Zeppelin V

We’d give Led Zeppelin a spot in our musical top 10 if it weren’t for Robert Plant’s shrieking. Brodie Rush, the Jimmy Page of local Zep apers Led Zeppelin V, gives us V reasons that we should quit hatin’ and start appreciatin’ the Biggest Band in the World. V: “Guitar and drum geeks can see how it’s played and take notes.” IV: “We’re better than some eras of ‘live’ Zeppelin.” III: “We’ll do ‘Stairway’ ’cause it’s the [song’s] 35th anniversary.” II: Robert Plant won’t be there. I: “This show’s for Billy [Brimblecom, cancer survivor and Black Pool Lights drummer]. It’s a celebration of his life and him still being the best drummer in town.” As noble as I is, II’s all the reason we need.

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