Led Zeppelin V

Back when the rock-and-roll lifestyle encouraged a destructive ribaldry that was neither cheeky nor ironic, Led Zeppelin reigned supreme. Golden-haired Robert Plant shimmied his shirtless, taut body into a sexual frenzy, shrieking I wanna give you my love! to the rabid crowd. Backstage, that’s just what he and his bandmates did. Though ’80s groups such as Motley Crue aped Zeppelin’s debauched antics, nowadays throwing TVs out of hotel windows and snorting rails off a groupie’s back are no longer rites of rock passage. Local tribute act Led Zeppelin V says bollocks to that when it pays homage to excess with three hours of nonstop, hard-and-heavy, blues-infused Zep tunes. Playing its 13th show in 10 years, LZV features John Huff and Brodie Rush of Be/Non as Plant and Page, and Jeff Harshbarger (Tango Lorca, Brad Cox Ensemble) as bassist John Paul Jones. Blackpool Lights’ Billy Brimblecom, having beaten cancer, makes his triumphant return to the skins as John Bonham.

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