Learn how to dodge bullets at St. Therese’s tonight

Community activists Ron McMillan and Mark Porter are presenting a series of 10 personal-safety seminars they’ve titled, “Dodging Bullets.” The first one is going down tonight at 6 at St. Therese’s Little Flower Church at 5814 Euclid Avenue.

More than 2,000 shootings have been reported in Kansas City this year, McMillan says, but “as far as crime prevention, and actually helping people avoid these things, it’s just not being done.”

McMillan has created a presentation that includes police and military tactical procedures for literally dodging bullets, plus ways to recognize unsafe situations, ways to safeguard your home and car, and good personal safety habits to get into, like ensuring that someone knows your whereabouts at all times.

“Everyone wants to talk about snitching or not snitching, but we

ain’t even talkin’ to each other about these things,” McMillan says. “People walk

around here like they’re at Worlds of Fun when these are dangerous

streets, there are home invasions, carjackings, drive-bys. I’m going

to try to make some folks understand that we gotta talk about safety,

and in talking about safety, we’ll address our personal habits, our

careless habits. You see kids out here on their cell phones all the

time, but how many of them are talking about where they are, when they’ll be

home, about making a plan? We’re not prepared for living in peace and

nobody’s teaching us any better.”

What’s especially scary, McMillan says, is when shooters aim into crowds of people, like the kind that congregate late at night after a party. “We create a lot of these situations,” McMillan says.

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