Leaked documents show the GSA knew about contamination at Bannister Federal Complex

Russ Ptacek’s continuing investigation for Channel 41 regarding sick employees at the Bannister Federal Complex — sick workers employed outside the Honeywell factory, from the neighboring General Services Administration and IRS facilities in the complex — has yielded a major bombshell (no pun intended).

A government insider leaked a letter to Ptacek from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to the GSA administrators of the Bannister facility, urging them to follow up on several environmental concerns (emphasis in bold is ours):

Groundwater testing should be done near Building 50, evidence of a PCB spill cleanup should be monitored properly, and several areas where lead, arsenic and Aroclor 1260 are present should be cleaned.

A former IRS landfill area should be tested for contaminants, if it hasn’t been already.

Building 4 should be more thoroughly analyzed to check for evidence of solvents and petroleum products.

GSA buildings and a day care area should be more thoroughly checked for contamination by TCE (tricholorethylene). “The Department requests that the GSA develop a detailed sampling and analysis plan for indoor air sampling at the day care center.”

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