LCD Soundsystem streams new album

After months of “breathless buzz,” as Pitchfork calls it, you can finally hear LCD Soundsystem‘s rabidly anticipated third album, This Is Happening, in its entirety. Taking a cue from the buzz-heavy peers MGMT, the dance-punks have posted a legal stream of the album to their website a full month before its May 18 release date. You’ve already checked out their head-bobbing, debauched single, “Drunk Girls” — now, you can spin through LCD’s other highly anticipated tracks.


So far, the first few minutes of “Dance Yrself Clean” yields the impression of a softer, more emotionally frail band than the lead single implies — until the track explodes into a buzzing bass, exuberant synths and Murphy’s warbling wails. It’s like the welcome appearance of an old friend; and, judging from the first few minutes of this stream, This is Happening is bound to boast LCD’s signature dance music that’s almost too smart for its own good.

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