Lawrence local businesses ring in Pride Month with eclectic merchandise

Lfk Pride Sticker Wf

LFK Pride sticker from Wonderfair. // Photo by Emeline Hutton

Okay, nobody freak out, but it’s happening!

Welcome back LGBTQ+ community, it is officially June, and you know what that means. Happy Pride Month!

Hopefully, you’ve been spending the previous days letting your freak flag fly, or just simply existing amongst the comforting ambiance of ROYGBIV (we all still remember the rainbow color anagram, right?).

Well, regardless, why not show it off?

In our most humble of opinions, the world needs to get a fucking grip and realize we are indeed here, and we are exceptionally queer. Though one month doesn’t make up for the other 11 we spend being ourselves, it’s a time of reflection. More importantly, a time to laugh and cringe at the borderline traumatizing ads and merchandise corporations put out.

Right now is not the time to talk about capitalism, that rant couldn’t even fit on the 40 pages of our monthly magazine. It is time, dear, sweet friends, to talk about our local business allies and the whimsical Pride merch they provide us with.

Lawrence, Kansas is known to be somewhat of an oasis. With a slew of Gen Z college students, and lovely locals, how couldn’t it be?

The true heart of Lawrence lies on Massachusetts St., a haven for shops, eateries, and entertainment. We took to the street, so you don’t have to, and we turned up some sick Pride merch on the venture.

The Third Planet:

Absolutely nothing can go wrong when you mix incense, jewelry, boho fashion, and crystals. After getting past the initially mixed sensations of smell, sight and joy, you’ll feel right at home here. The most striking Pride merch at this location includes coffee mugs, rainbow umbrellas, and socks that buyers may dare to pull all the way up to their knees.

Oh, also did we mention the upper level is a smoke shop?

May we interest you in… a Pride-themed bong?



Also, the staff is splendid, so you’re covered on the customer service front.

Striped Cow Pride Display

Striped Cow Pride display. // Photo by Emeline Hutton

Striped Cow:

If the business’ name isn’t already getting us off to a good start, we don’t know what will.

Serving as a jewelry and gift store, the Striped Cow offers sundry items. Besides, nothing shouts Pride month like being smacked in the face with the sight of a mannequin donning a rainbow-print dress as soon as you walk in the front door.

The Striped Cow offers Pride flags, more coffee mugs, Pride-themed clothing, and of course the list goes on.

Don’t even get us started on the socks though, there is an entire wall of the store dedicated to just socks with jazzy little prints on them. No matter what letter of the LGBTQ+ you identify with, they have a pair for you.

Another recommendation, as you’re making rounds, swing by the back of the store to check out more jewelry from smaller designers!

The Raven Book Store

All right book worms, this one is for you.

Whether you want to read about Stonewall or curl up on the couch with some wlw smut, The Raven is your spot.

We honestly must praise these businesses for setting up Pride displays in the entryways of their stores with such timeliness.

As you enter the bookstore, turn to your left and your gaze will land upon a ravishing shelf full of all Pride needs.

It is also our duty to be more educated than our less… enjoyable counterparts, yes we’re talking about straight people.

So, why not round off the month with your eyes tracing the delicious lines of a paperback?

The Raven also has a decent amount of enamel pins, stickers, and other goodies to adorn your tote bags.


Live, laugh, stationery.

Wonderfair is reputable for its gorgeous paper goods, journaling supplies, and an exuberant amount of writing utensils. Even though it sounds like a writer’s paradise, it also caters to some niche groups.

Wf Enamel Pin Section

Enamel pin section at Wonderfair. // Photo by Emeline Hutton

If you guessed the LGBTQ+ community, you’d be correct, but drinks aren’t on us.

Yes, you may scribble your heart away on a rainbow sketchbook, but there are also some quality books, more enamel pins, and a sticker surplus to tie you over.

Wonderfair also has a haunted bathroom?

It’s a whole situation, and yes they have stickers for it too.

A word of caution, do not go into Wonderfair unless you’re prepared to hand over every single cent within your savings account, it’s just too good.

Remember our little mention of cringey corporate Pride propaganda earlier?

Yep, it’s time for the shame. Not only is this collection as repulsive as it is hilarious, it’s also just embarrassing on a visceral level.


Listen, the rant could be long, but to keep it short and sweet, let’s just say, absolutely fucking not.

Apparently, to the design team at Target, Pride month consists of only three things; drag queens, houseplants, and Lil Nas X.

The merch is abhorrent but also evokes stifled laughter when witnessed in person. No trigger warning in the world could prepare you for this disgrace, so we’re withholding the pictures too.

We’ll spare you the rest, unless you dare to feast your eyes, but for your sanity and ours please head the warning.

Well, there you have it.

LFK once again saves the day with eclectic Pride merch.

We wish you a happy Pride Month, and please hold all things near and queer to your heart close.