Larger than life? And in 3D? What is it?

Larger Than Life In 3D sounds like one of those movies that they make for IMAX, or one of the innumerable Disney concert films that seem to fill their coffers.

Granted, I’m just pissed they never do this with any bands I want to see. Although, despite the inclusion of Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper and Gogol Bordello are both pretty solid live acts, and getting to see this up way close, and without the usual attendant patchouli stench, might be worth the scratch.

It’s playing at the AMC Studio 30 in Olathe, the Barrywoods 24, and Town Center 20 in Leawood. The film starts Friday and runs through December 17, in an exclusive one-week engagement. If it does well, don’t be surprised if there’s more like it. Wired‘s story on the film ended with this tantalizing little blurb:

Inconcert3d’s corporate connections give it an inside edge when it comes to producing 3-D films like Larger Than Life in 3D. AEG Network Live is rumored to be sitting on a treasure trove of material including Phish concerts and footage from festivals such as Lollapalooza. The Matthews/Harper/Gogol juggernaut is intended for international release in the first quarter of 2010 and the company is considering its DVD options.

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