Kyle James has a new music video for his song ‘This is Love’

Kyle James, son of Kansas City Mayor Sly James, has a new music video for his song “This Is Love.” In it, Kyle James tells us about what love means to him. There’s a storyline around the ill-fated romance between our unlucky-in-love hero, “Sam,” and the Regina George-like antiheroine, “Claire.” There is also a guy creating some pretty obvious spray-paint art. KJ is there, too, rapping as he walks down the sidewalk, like he does all the time, we imagine. You can listen to the whole thing after the jump.

Want more? See this article from Pitch staffer David Hudnall on the cover of KJ’s 2013 album, Finally Off Papers. In fact, here is our whole trail on KJ. Dive in. 

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