Kyle Baker’s recipe for shrimp n’ grits

The best seafood dishes make it seem like someone went to a lot of trouble to get big flavor. If you want to impress guests, chef Kyle Baker is letting Fat City in on his recipe for Shrimp N’ Grits off the new menu at The Oak Room in the InterContinental. But make it quickly, because heirloom tomatoes won’t be in season much longer.

“This is perfect as a small appetizer for a dinner party or a family-style meal at home,” Baker says of the recipe, which makes four servings.

Ingredients List:

1 1b.   U-12 (under twelve to a pound) head-on prawns
4 oz.   Quick grits
16 oz. Milk
4 oz.   Mascarpone cheese
4         Heirloom tomatoes
8 oz.   Sambal Oelek
4 oz.   Garlic puree
8 oz.   Canola oil
1 oz.   Sugar
4         Sprigs of cilantro
4         Lime Wedges

The juice of one lime, and salt and pepper to taste.

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