Kudos to Denny’s

Not only did Denny’s have the best commercial of the Super Bowl — a pitch-perfect parody of The Sopranos — but it’s also giving away a free grand slam until 2 p.m. today to “everyone in America.”

More specifically, one free “original slam” with no substitutions and no carryout orders. In case your Denny’s memory is a little hazy, that’s two eggs, two pancakes and two strips of  bacon or two sausage links.

The first 1,000 customers at each Denny’s will also receive a coupon booklet with various deals. If you get to a Denny’s and there’s a wait, managers have 500 rain checks to give out.

It will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of this promotion. If one in 20 Americans decides to go, it will cost Denny’s $100 million, or more than half of what the entire company is supposedly worth

After several ill-advised promotions (like the rockstar menu), it’s nice to see Denny’s getting back to its roots: grub for little to, in this case, nothing.

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