KU Pride Week

Join KU Queers & Allies for Pride Week, full of events for the queer and straight ally community.
Schedule of events:
Monday, April 20th:
10:50-1:50 Kiss-In
Lawn in front of Strong Hall
(The kiss-in is a PW tradition here on campus. Basically queer people get together in a visible place on campus and…..do some PDA! This event takes place in-between class periods, which are 10 minutes each, and possibly for an extended time during the noon-1pm lunch hour. You are welcome to participate if you have a significant other or willing friends. There will be “gay” and “straight” couples alike.)

7pm Lecture by Keith Boykin
Alderson Auditorium, KS Union

Tuesday, April 21st:

12:30-1:30 Discussion, Closeted Violence: Sexual Assault in the Queer Community

Big XII room, KS Union

Wednesday, April 22nd:
7pm Performance of play “Debutante Balls” by Scott Turner Schofield
Woodruff Auditorium, KS Union

10pm-2am Pride Prom, theme: “Bottom of the Sea”
Wilde’s Chateau 24 at 24th and Iowa

Thursday, April 23rd:
7pm Performance by feminist hip hop group Las Krudas
Classroom, The Multicultural Resource Center

Friday, April 24th:
Noon-2pm Brown Bag Drag show
KS Union front patio

Saturday, April 25th:
Pride Parade, noon at the west side of South Park

April 20-25, 2009