As perhaps the only DJ ever to appear in both Urb and Teen Vogue, Katie Kabel (who spins as K-Swing) blends style and skill as easily as she mixes tracks. Sex sells, but K-Swing prefers to peddle her music without overemphasizing her aesthetic appeal: The “bikini photos” section of the New Jersey native’s Web site includes only ink-drawn stick figures. This classically trained dancer, who still teaches ballet when she’s not on the road, started fine-tuning her modern-dance moves at raves, then decided to try her hand behind the decks. She glides gracefully behind the turntables, so choreographically challenged observers can simply follow her lead. Usually, though, K-Swing’s breakbeats inspire creative moves. They’re syncopated differently from steadier techno and trance grooves, making listeners toss spontaneous stutters into their steps to match the rhythmic flow.

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