Kowtown Kustom Greaserama Announces Bands

Labor Day weekend is upon us in less than a month. And, as well as signaling the end of summer, it brings us the annual Kowtown Kustom Greaserama. In addition to the car show that takes place at the Boulevard Drive-in on Saturday and Sunday, the ninth installment of the popular festival offers up what might best be described as “hella old school reunions” to go with those hella old school rods.

The Friday night pre-party at the Record Bar on September 4 offers up two classic hardcore acts with Kansas City’s Choke and St. Louis’ Ultraman. Ultraman’s Tim Jamison promises the band “will be playing a set made up almost entirely of old songs.” Headlining that night will the Misfits tribute Bloodfeast, fronted by Faster Than Hell‘s Kriss Ward.

Saturday’s bands include Bloodfeast again, along with Peewee Moore and the Awful Dreadful Snakes from Tennessee, The Afterparty, St. Louis’ Edgar Allan Poe themed garage punk of the Nevermores, and Mad Macka, the original front man of Australia’s The Onyas.

On Sunday, we’ve got a reunion from KC’s queens of punk Sister Mary Rotten Crotch, Bleach Bloodz, Mad Macka again, and Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company.

I’m totally pissed off that this happens every year, and every year I forget and make plans to go out of town, only to come back, smack myself around, and plan to think ahead better the following year. I think I’ve made it to exactly one Greaserama ever. Don’t make my mistake, and check this show out. With garage, punk, hardcore, country, and indie rock, there’s something for everyone.

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