Knuckleheads plans expansion with a 1,000-capacity music venue

If there’s one thing Kansas City music fans know well, it’s that our town could use a music venue designed for a capacity of around 1,000 people. We’ve got some strong club options (RecordBar, the Riot Room, the Tank Room) and some beautiful theaters (the Midland can fit 3,200, the Uptown 2,300), but there’s a gap when it comes to mid-size venues. The new-ish El Torreon can fit 500 people, and Knuckleheads can accommodate up to 600 (if you count the 400-seat fair-weather outdoor stage). 

It seems that, at last, Knuckleheads owner Frank Hicks has a plan in mind to bring KC up to code. Across the street from the East Bottoms saloon sits a vast (and underutilized) garage, which Hicks would like to turn into the Knuckleheads Garage. This new sister venue would accommodate 800-1,000 people. 

To help with the startup construction costs of the venue, Hicks and the Knuckleheads team have launched a Kickstarter campaign. They hope to raise a sum in the neighborhood of $35,000. There’s just over a month left on the campaign, which ends Saturday, February 14. 

“We’ve run out of room over there [in the Saloon],” Hicks says in the Kickstarter video. “We’ve done everything we can to attract the larger audiences and fans, and we’re out of space.”

The campaign description notes that there are long-term benefits for local music lovers who pledge some dollars to the new space: “With the Garage, we’ll be able to bring in bands and artists that are too big for the Saloon, giving fans another music venue choice here in Kansas City.”

For more information on the Knuckleheads Garage, check out the Kickstarter page here

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