Knuckleheads hosts a big-ass jam for Tyson Leslie’s farewell party on Sunday

Tyson Leslie is moving to Nashville. If you don’t know who Tyson Leslie is, that’s fine: All you really need to know is that he’s been involved in the local music scene since the early ’90s. Before he leaves town for good, Leslie – like most people would – has organized a going-away party for himself. But unlike most people, Leslie has seemingly gotten the entire Kansas City music community to sign up for his shindig. 

On Sunday, June 14, no less than 35 musical acts will take the stage at Knuckleheads, including a few of Leslie’s revived KC bands. 

“Everyone is going to play between two and four songs each,” Leslie says of the schedule. “There’s not really an order. I wanted it to be kind of random, so that no one feels like, ‘Why didn’t I get a headlining spot’ or whatever. I just wanted to get people together to perform for one another, people who have been Facebook friends forever but maybe have never met. And, obviously, it’s also an opportunity for me to say goodbye to a lot of people that I won’t otherwise see before I leave.” 

Here is the full lineup, according to the Facebook event page:

Goodnight Nobody 
Troubadour Retrievers
The Stolen Winnebagos
The Zeros KC
Head East
Villains Dance
Baloney Ponyz
Bellymilk – A Tribute To Jellyfish
90 Minutes
Samantha Fish
Death By Diesel
Slack Babbath
The Cowardly Lions
The Howl At The Moon Entertainers 
Patrick Lentz
The Transients Music
Dave Tanner of Liverpool
Vi Tran Music
David George & A Crooked Mile 
Red Line Chemistry
Amanda Fish
George O Robinson of G-Force 
Load Point Pull
The Disappointments
Burning Tide
Mikey Needleman Band 
KC/DC (AC/DC Tribute)
Lost Wax
Danny Wayman of Revelation – A Tribute To Journey
Jeff Jones of Simplexity
Ray Santo of 6 Degrees West

Music starts at 6 p.m. Details here

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