KKFI Boxcar of Blues Festival

This spring, having booked Magic Slim (pictured, with friends) and Watermelon Slim, 90.1 KKFI briefly considered naming its first street-festival benefit at Knuckleheads “Slim Fest.” But that East Bottoms train goin’ by close enough to touch makes for a more natural name. Watermelon’s National steel guitar, slippery harp work and booming baritone (which sounds like the very voice of the Lord) will provide the acoustic grit, and Magic and the Teardrops, one of the last of the first-generation Chicago blues bands, will push the amps past the moan and thunder of passing wheels with his screaming guitar classics. With Memphis-based saxman Mark Salling and the Famous Unknowns, Beale Street belter Barbara Blue and a pile of great local groups, it’ll be the kind of experience that blues lovers make Mississippi pilgrimages to catch.

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