KJHK’s Logan Nickels talks simple drinks

Empty Glass is a weekly post devoted to furthering the alcoholic rock star image and mythos. That’s right, kids — drinking has no negative side effects and makes you look cool, to boot.

KJHK station manager Logan Nickels could probably stand a drink every so often, considering the station will soon be moving its digs from the Shack on the outskirts of the KU campus to deep in the heart of the Kansas Union. This is in addition to the station’s annual Jazz In the Park in Lawrence’s South Park on Sunday, May 2, and their move-in concert with Fucked Up and the Rooftop Vigilantes at the Jackpot on the following day, May 3. So, Mr. Nickels, “What’s your favorite drink, and where do you like to drink it?”

I’m a big fan of the Guinness / Red Lyon combo. I’m pretty simple minded when it comes to my alcohol, and I really enjoy the Red Lyon because it’s rarely crowded, and then who doesn’t love playing darts with friends? If that doesn’t hit the spot, then I’m a fan of the whiskey / coke combo at the Taproom. Again, I’m pretty Q&D with booze, and the Taproom affords great shows. Plus, it’s easy to find a friend there, even if unintentionally.

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