KJHK Waxclash

Some people just aren’t very nice to the KJHK Waxclash. They steal the annual DJ battle’s lunch money. They diss its mother, give it charlie horses and derisively call it the “Wackclash.” Ah, but as long as people still show up to the event, those B-boy bullies will always get theirs in the end. The competition has been plagued in years past by poor sound quality and a relatively diluted talent pool, but it can also be one hell of an entertaining showcase for some of the area’s rawest talent to finally take their decks out of the dorms and into the spotlight. Make no mistake, this is amateur night. But even though the mixing and scratching battles — or the spoken word, freestyle and break-dancing interludes — aren’t always pretty, the carnival atmosphere keeps the Waxclash (and its defenders) coming back for more.

Categories: Music