Killa City: Raytown police seeking tips in quadruple homicide

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver and Alvin Brooks pleaded with the public today for tips that will help solve the Raytown quadruple homicide. The bodies of 21-year-old Precious Triplett, 33-year-old Andre D. Jones, 10-year-old Amir Clemons and 7-year-old Gerard Clemons were discovered in an apartment near 61st Street and Raytown Road in March.

“Here we are with

two children almost babies 7 and 10 in addition to two adults who were

brutally murdered,” Brooks said. “I know that none of us could imagine how this father

must have felt when he went in and found his sons as well as his

sister-in-law and his sister-in-law’s friend brutally murdered.”

Congressman Cleaver talked about presiding over the funeral of the little boys.

“I have never stood in the pulpit of a church and looked over into the

casket of two young children who have been brutally murdered,” Cleaver

said. “I don’t know if my seminary training had been sufficient to

allow a detachment of that experience. We’re trained that we cannot

become so emotionally involved when we do funerals that it begins to

alter who we are. That funeral has altered who I am. … It is

something that will remain with me for the rest of my life.”

Cleaver also made an emotional plea to family members of the murderer to come forward.

Cleaver said he wants to bring closure to the family “who must be

experiencing excruciating pain at the death of two little boys, two

little boys who could have grown up to be scientists or great

statesmen. We have no idea what they could have been. We’ll never know

because someone snatched their lives from them just shortly after they

got out of the crib. These are babies.”

Anyone with tips is encouraged to call 816-474-8477.

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