Kick Kick

It’s an incredibly rare sporting event that shows off two masters of their craft at the top of their profession. Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson, Bill Russell vs. Wilt Chamberlin, John Elway vs. Joe Montana, and Larry Johnson vs. social-media sites are a few

examples of rivals battling for supremacy in professional sports. Today’s noon game at Arrowhead Stadium (1 Arrowhead Drive) between the Chiefs and the Steelers provides yet another example. Dustin Colquitt and Daniel Sepulveda are two of the league’s best punters. The fantastic footers’ long, high kicks have been the highlights of the season for these two teams, awing true aficionados of the possession change. Happily, both the Chiefs and the Steelers provide ample opportunity for the punters to display their skills. Often, the offense takes only three plays to cede the field to these two titanic toesmen. Tickets cost $35 to $160. Call 816-920-9400 for details or see