Khrystal, Fred Wickham Caravan, Blackstarkids, and more of the best local music videos

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Illustration by Katelyn Betz

Dear local musicians:

I would like to thank you all for creating a slew of videos that manage to be sunny and warm in the midst of this pandemic. It’s an absolute joy to open my inbox or check my DMs and get to watch these videos because they bring a smile to my face. I have been dancing in my office chair and scaring my cat out of the room, which only makes me smile more. So, yeah: thanks.


Not All There, “Quarantine My Clementine”

This KU-based band took advantage of the quarantine and a closed-off campus to create a video that shows just how quiet and closed everything was over the summer. “Feeling hazy all the time” is a lyric which really drives this whole jangly, swimmy piece of indie pop, and also captures the faded 8mm film look of the video, as well. Props to using the Kansas Union parking garage as an outdoor performance venue and shouting out SaveOurStages, as well.

Solomonluvbugs, “Forever” 

Auto-tuned to the point where it becomes almost alien, Solomonluvbugs’ voice is haunting, but the beat he’s singing over still slaps. The stream-of-consciousness lyrics and their delivery capture the craziness which comes with losing someone for whom you fell hard, though. This sad banger is so full of longing, it hurts.

Khrystal, “Magic” 

“Validating blackness without y’all” is the name of the game in this ever-so-brief cut from soul singer Khrystal. The singer recites a litany of black beauty products over a gloriously perfect sample, as the video shows off Khrystal getting her hair styled in a variety of ways in front of an ever-changing color palette. It’s direct, pointed, and utterly catchy.

Vitreous Humor, “Cold Gin”

Lawrence’s Vitreous Humor would later be known for their edgy post-punk that prefigured the late ’90s emo explosion. However, here’s the band “sometime in the late 80s/early 90s” knocking out a cover of the KISS live classic in a garage. Sadly, Danny Pound doesn’t intro it a la Paul Stanley: “I wanna know, how many people in here like to take a taste of alcohol?” Still, the band does a nicely scrappy take on the big dumb rocker.

Deaton Chris Anthony, “I Love All My Friends” 

Using a video game engine to create your music video allows for insanely high production values, while still being crazily creative. This former KC resident now resides in California, and this is the first single off his upcoming EP, Boogy Woogy, “dedicated to his beloved pet bunny Boogy,” who makes a guest appearance in the video, as well. It’s so goddamn wholesome, I just can’t even.

Fred Wickham Caravan, “Town Without Soul” 

In 2017, Fred Wickham’s Mariosa Delta marked the musician’s return to recording after a lengthy hiatus. Now, three years later, Wickham returns with a new single, backed by the band with whom he spent two years on the road with. Unfortunately, the pandemic put the brakes on the release of the full album on Black Site, but we can enjoy the hell out of this cut, recorded in Muscle Shoals with producer and engineer Jimmy Nutt.

Stik Figa x Conductor Williams, “The Earth”  

This is but a taste of Stik and Conductor’s new album, Tomorrow Is Forgotten, which dropped the last Friday of August. Hell, it’s but a taste of the track itself, which is nearly three minutes long, but this animation by Corey Gipson will definitely leave you wanting more of the new joint. Even though Stik decamped the area for Texas a while back, he’s still local to us, and this music is so astonishingly good, we’d find a way to share it with you anyway.

You can snag Tomorrow Is Forgotten on many different streaming platforms.

Blackstarkids, “Britney Bitch”

Blackstarkids’ Surf was the soundtrack to our summer, and if it wasn’t for yours, there’s still time to hop on that bandwagon before their follow-up—entitled Whatever, Man—drops via Dirty Hit later this fall. “Britney Bitch” sees the band wandering the streets of Kansas City and having an absolute ball doing it. Much like the group’s sound, the video defies a time and place. It could’ve been shot last week, or it could’ve been 20 years ago. How do Blackstarkids sound so timeless and so fresh simultaneously? It’s mindboggling.

The Greeting Committee, “17” (Live)

As a part of its 20th anniversary, mobile provider Verizon is virtually exploring 20 cities in its network with web series, “Verizon Staycation Road Trip.” For its KC stop, entitled “It’s a beautiful day in Kansas City,” the episode spotlights Messenger Coffee, while also talking music with the Greeting Committee’s Addie Sartino. The indie rockers also give up a live performance of “17,” one of the group’s biggest cuts.

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