KFC guy not too worried about the KFC that burned down in Olathe last night

In Olathe last night, a three-alarm fire ravaged the better part of a strip mall. Destroyed in the blaze were a Fronteras Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, a Sprint store, a nail salon and a KFC. (Nobody was injured.)

The Kansas City Star‘s report on the fire includes the following pieces of information: 

As workers using heavy equipment tore down the brick building’s west wall, Salvador De La Torre surveyed what little remained of Fronteras Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, one of two restaurants he owned in Johnson County. 

“When I saw the flames, I felt bad,” he said. “It made me cry. It’s my life.”

Heartbreaking stuff. KFC? Eh, they’ll live:

Travis McGruder, an area coach for KFC, said he didn’t know whether the company would rebuild.

“Our food is so good that our customers will find us” at two other nearby locations, he said.

OK then. KFC’s “food” is so “good” that its Olathe customers will seek it out wherever need be. And KFC calls its district managers “coaches.” 

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. 

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