Kevin Smith says seeing his Fred Phelps movie will cost you six to 10 times the normal ticket price

Self-described “fat, masturbating, stoner” Kevin Smith is getting a lot of press for his recent publicity stunt at the Sundance Film Festival. Having just premiered his new Phelps family-inspired horror movie, Red State, Smith announced an auction for the distribution rights. The auction turned out to be an excuse for Smith to castigate the studio system that he’s been working in for the last half-decade or so, and that made it possible for him to be paid millions of dollars to direct Cop Out. Then he bought his own film for $20.

So how does this affect you, good people of Kansas City? If you have any interest in seeing the film version of our region’s most successful exporter of craziness, it’s going to cost you. It turns out that Smith is charging his largely non-millionaire audience a day’s pay for the privilege of witnessing his vision.

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