Keighley Ann Alyea’s alleged killers will go to trial

The three men accused of killing 18-year-old Keighley Ann Alyea will go to trial. 

Fox 4 appeared to be the first to deliver the gruesome details of Alyea’s killing. Fox 4 reported that the three men beat 18-year-old Alyea, who begged for her life, and then 18-year-old Dustin Hilt allegedly stabbed her in the stomach.

Alyea disappeared in the early hours of September 30, 2009. Her body was found October 5 in a farm field in Cass County, Missouri.

Fox 4 also reported that Gerald Calbeck, 18, and Joseph Mattox, 22, confessed to the killing. The hearing apparently filled in many of the blanks of what happened

that night. Detectives testified that the three men beat Alyea and believed that they had killed her and put her body in the trunk. Alyea reportedly started hitting the

trunk and calling for help.

After hearing the pounding, the men stopped on a gravel

road and asked her if she’d tell on them. She promised not to and

begged them to take her to a hospital. Detectives testified that Hilt

stabbed her in the stomach with a hunting knife and Calbeck kicked her

in the head. Detectives said Alyea had been stabbed a total of 29 times (at

least nine to the chest) and also suffered wounds to her head and neck, according to Fox 4.

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