KCUR’s Jamie Medlicott chooses baby over Bodine

​Last Friday was the final day of Jamie Medlicott‘s eight-month tenure as producer of The Walt Bodine Show. British-born Medlicott (he was raised 20 miles from Worcestershire — the city famous for the steak sauce of the same name) resigned to take on a new job, as full-time Mr. Mom for two-month-old Evan.

Medlicott’s wife Kerrie (she’s British too) is returning to her position as vice president of marketing for Lenexa-based Caravan Ingredients, and Jamie decided that staying home to change nappies — he’s become an expert already, he says — was a more compelling role than booking guests and screening calls for the venerable Bodine and co-host Gina Kaufman. “I enjoyed being the producer of the show,” says Medlicott, “but I need to be home for the rest of the year.”

Medlicott does plan to return to radio in the future, though, and may make occasional appearances at KCUR, where he interned for six months before taking the position as producer of the Bodine Show: “They may need me for the upcoming Fund Drive,” he said.

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